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We are the biggest polish feed silos producer and offer a wide range of silos for storage with capacities 5 to 25 ton. AGOS started produce silos as the first company in Poland. We provide silos to the most famous forage companies and to private farmers. We deliver our silos a few days right after order, because we’ve got our own special transport.

5 ton
8 ton
11 ton
14 ton
17 ton
20 ton
25 ton

The AGOS silos are made from steel with zinc covering. Silos are set up on 4 legs or 6 legs Our construction is zinc covering that’s why is more resistant to corrosion.

This solution providing significantly greater strength than simple iron legs.
Omega type legs and cross ties provide strength, stability, support, during load transfer.

The galvanic surface reflect the sun, preventing heat radiation and condensation in case of big temperature fluctuations. The project guarantees optimal conditions for the storage of your feed. Herewith the feed remains fresh.

The silo is provided with special filling pipe and exhaust tube.
Manhole allows easy access inside silo. It’s more safety and more comfortable solution than ladder.

For special order we prepare silos with ladder
Viewer windows in the font side allows easy inspection

Filling of the silos can be done either pneumatically or mechanically. The feed is blown into the silo directly from the bulktruck.

The silo can be installed on the concrete platform with anchor bolts.
Fodder outlet has standard size 44 cm.

Store capacity of the silos is optimally used, because we designed special roof
30 degree roof provide additional strength
60 degree hopper guarantee prefect fodder flow


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Mamy 20 lat doświadczenia w produkcji silosów. Jesteśmy pierwszym producentem silosów paszowych w Polsce i codziennie dążymy do jak najlepszego zaspokojania potrzeb naszych klientów

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